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Create a unique social media experience where you own & monetize your content.

Latest Features:
• Integrated BIP39/BIP44 ethereum wallet

• End-to-End wallet encrypted messages

• Import/Export wallet
• Content monetization (Tipping/Staking)
• Send Funds (Eth) to friends & Ether Wallets

Available now on the Google Play Store & App Store!

Create. Own. Monetize.

Huddln is a platform that is built on Ethereum for you to own and monetize your content. Rather than big companies owning your data, you keep 100% of your personal data, and you control who profits from it and how.


With Huddln, our users and third parties can be innovative when it comes to content creation and monetization. 

As the world begins to utilize blockchain technology, be at the forefront in bringing a decentralized social economy platform to the masses with Huddln.

Every Day We're Huddln

Multi-layered Ecosystem

Using a distributed storage system your content can be easily shared and be available to other users directly while still maintaining ownership at a cryptographic level.

Built-in wallet

With the built in wallet BIP39 and BIP44, users have the ability to send funds to friends and family.


Use Huddles to manage funding with ETHER (ETH) across a group for an event. Collect and distribute ETH in an autonomous fashion relative to the consensus of the group.

Encrypted messaging

Users will never have to worry about their private messages being censored and will never have the potential to be leaked to a third party. We hope this will create content as a community that freely speaks their opinions.

Content Staking

Through staking and shared tips with ETH, content creators will now be able to monetize their posts and events.


How Does Content Staking Work?

01 | Create

Create a post with your original content.

02 | Submit and Stake

Submit your post to start the staking window. Other users can now stake your post in hopes it will go viral and collect tips

03 | Shared Tipping

After the staking window closes, the shared tipping period starts. Your posts can earn tips from other users if they like your content.

03 | Payouts

When the shared tipping period closes, tips are then distributed amongst you and the users that staked your content.


Our Team

CEO/Lead Engr.

Joseph Gonzalez

Joseph has a Bachelors in Computer Engineering. He has worked as a software engineer developing solutions for multiple tech companies as well as the United States National Laboratory System. His explorations have lead him to develop throughout the tech stack from low level protocols to custom frameworks. He has developed multiple mobile apps in his spare time. Over the past few years he began diving into the world of blockchain and saw that there were opportunities to improve the way we network. This why he founded Huddln, the opportunity arose to not only protect the ownership of content but to build a new social economy.

Jorge Moreno

Data Engineer

Jorge Moreno acquired his Bachelor and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has developed a diverse skill set through his experiences at the National Laboratory System & Space Systems Loral. Jorge’s passion for lifelong learning and technological breakthroughs led him to Huddln as he believes true content ownership and a decentralized internet is the future.

Jackie Gonzalez

Operations Manager

Jackie joined the Huddln team with experience in managing privately-owned businesses for almost a decade. She provides assistance with day-to-day responsibilities and was there when the idea of Huddln came about. She believes in the potential of Huddln and how it could benefit users and their everyday lives. Responsibilities will include vital decision making for future operational policies/procedures, plans, and strategies.

Brandon Zamora

Web Producer

Brandon started as a graphic designer with a deep love for vector art. Mostly working freelance creating logos, icons, and illustrations, he started diving into web mostly out of curiosity and intrigue of how art can also be interactive. With over a 15 years of graphic design and working in the web combined, he finally found a good balance between the two by working as a web producer. Progressing his career to a web production manager of his own team, he moved back to working on his mastery at design and building websites as a web producer again. This time however, he hopes to bridge his current skills into web apps with Huddln.


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