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web3 social platform!

HUDDLN provides a seamless user experience in the next evolution of content creation.

Maximize your content beyond likes, comments, & views.

HUDDLN is a platform that allows creators to turn existing content on Instagram, Tiktok, or your camera into NFTs, and unlock monetization and an invested audience.

Huddln Web3 Social platform mint from instagram and tiktok

Incentives for engagement!

To reward investments and engagement, we created an XP system for creators and collectors. The more engaged you are, the more you can unlock and earn! 

Huddln Web3 social Platform
Huddln Web3 Social Plaform mobile application

Control over your Wallet.

You can import an existing crypto wallet or generate a new non-custodial wallet automatically. Your wallet is how you “log in” to Web3. Keep complete control of your funds and digital assets, just make sure you save your secret phrase and wallet information!

Huddln Web3 Social Platform

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Our Team

Joe Gonzalez CEO and Co founder of huddln
Sara Alashqar Product Designer at Huddln
Jackie Gonzalez COO and Co founder of huddln
Bosh Caklovic Solidity and Fullstack Developer
Jarrod Tafoya Director of growth huddln
Leo Rodriguez React Native Developer