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Polygon Network brings massive scale to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains.

The Convo.Space

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The Decentralized Conversation Space of Internet.

The MoNA Gallery

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Building a world of art, for the art world.



Biconomy enables a simplified transaction & onboarding experience for web3 projects through gas efficient meta-transactions.

Charged Particles


The Charged Particles Protocol allows users to deposit any ERC tokens into any Non-Fungible Token (NFT).


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Inflow is a platform where fans and artists can come together to exchange value between each other. 

Partnership Proposal


Plug your marketplace into the only mobile social platform where users can show off, buy or sell NFTs and connect to different communities in the web3 space.

Backed By

Backed By

"Huddln is very interesting project which follows a mobile first approach to create NFT's from content captured on a mobile device. This has the potential to capture a large part of the influencer market which is almost completely mobile driven, run by centralised companies and underserved when it comes to monetisation strategies"

Arjun Kalsy

VP Growth, Polygon

Backed By

"Huddln is one of the coolest uses of blockchain I have seen in a long time. It fills a very specific need and solves the new age problem of monetizing social media in a fair way very elegantly. I have no doubt that this type of system will become the norm in the near future. This protocol provides the very needed baseline for fair monetization for content creators. A problem that is becoming more and more common today" 

Joshua Bijak

CTO, Creol

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