Huddln Mobile Application Web3 Social Platform
Huddln Web3 Social platform mint from instagram and tiktok

Monetize your social content without interrupting your flow.

HUDDLN utilizes blockchain technology in a familiar social media way. Take anything from your camera roll, Instagram, or TikTok, put a price on it, and grow your invested audience - for free!
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Incentives for engagement!

Your time is valuable. So we created a system that directly rewards your engagement and time spent on HUDDLN! The more you earn, the more you can spend.

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Curated Livestream Performances'

Live performances on the go or at home, with the ability to own the most memorable moments.

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You're In Control of Your Crypto Wallet

Generate a new wallet effortlessly when you sign up or import an existing one. Since you hold the lock and key to your wallet (non-custodial), you control your digital assets.

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Our Team

Joe Gonzalez CEO and Co founder of huddln
Sara Alashqar Product Designer at Huddln
Jackie Gonzalez COO and Co founder of huddln
Bosh Caklovic Solidity and Fullstack Developer
Jarrod Tafoya Director of growth huddln
Leo Rodriguez React Native Developer