A mobile Dapp and protocol designed to provide Web3 Social Networks with content monetization features.


What is The Huddln Protocol

The Huddln protocol is a standard set of features for social/content focused dapps to use as a foundation. The features provide users with fun ways to monetize their content.

Most dapps are currently implementing their own monetization features that require every user to learn a new process when switching between different dapps. This creates friction when hopping between apps, it also creates siloed services. Huddln as a service acts as an API of features that any creator on any platform can utilize.


Huddln Dapp V2

A new social 

  • Built in non-custodial wallet

  • Gasless in app TXs

  • Completely overhauled UX from V1

  • Service natively on Polygon Sidechain

  • TX confirmations in seconds

The Huddln Dapp is built on the Huddln Protocol and focuses on content ownership and monetization

Release Slated for Q1 2021

On-Chain Status



Polygon Network



  • Content Staking:


Gateway Status:





Polygon Network brings massive scale to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains.


Biconomy enables a simplified transaction & onboarding experience for web3 projects through gas efficient meta-transactions.

What People are saying


"Huddln is one of the coolest uses of blockchain I have seen in a long time. It fills a very specific need and solves the new age problem of monetizing social media in a fair way very elegantly. I have no doubt that this type of system will become the norm in the near future. This protocol provides the very needed baseline for fair monetization for content creators. A problem that is becoming more and more common today" 

Joshua Bijak

CEO Smarties.Solutions / CTO


"Huddln is very interesting project which follows a mobile first approach to create NFT's from content captured on a mobile device. This has the potential to capture a large part of the influencer market which is almost completely mobile driven, run by centralised companies and underserved when it comes to monetisation strategies"

Arjun Kalsy 

VP Growth, Polygon


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