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  • What is the HUDDLN XP Protocol?
    It’s an on-chain point system that sends points to a wallet based on specific actions taken place on or off-chain.
  • How is XP rewarded?
    For community members: Collect XP from links or scanning a QR code. For dashboard admins: After deciding how many points you’d like to reward for each action, you and/or your backend code will send us the information to put on-chain for you. Or use the dashboard to manually reward XP to a specific wallet address.
  • What can I do with XP?
    It’s up to the admin(s) of that specific XP system to decide how community members can redeem their XP. For platforms: Use it as a loyalty-reward system, reputation system, etc. For communities: Admins can reward members for their participation in community calls, contributions, IRL events, etc.
  • What do I need to get started?
    To create your own XP "instance" Contact the Huddln team via or email at to get access to advanced tools and features.
  • How long does an integration take?
    Integrations using our rest API, can be done in a few hours. Most configuration is upfront through the dashboard or setting up the calls with your backend code.
  • Where do I place the rest API calls to update scores?
    You can place this in your backend. You can also manually update scores in the XP dashboard (
  • Who pays for the on-chain transactions?
    Most transactions completed on the Polygon Network are covered by the team. Transactions on other networks will be covered by the administrator of the XP instance.
  • What network does my dapp need to be on?
    We operate on the Polygon Network, however, this doesn't mean you need to. EVM networks are also supported, reach out to the team for further assistance with other networks.
  • Where can I read the technical docs?
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