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Web3 products aimed to empower the human experience 

Building the tools that encourage positive social behaivors


Huddln empowers users by rewarding them by simply doing what they already do – participating in the communities of their favorite creators. Huddln also enables web3 creators to have creative ownership over their content while defining their own audiences and communities.


Resisting the current paradigm

Web2 social platforms monetize user bases indirectly through selling ad inventory. Users, creators, and curators are a product rather than a core components of an ecosystem.

Community Members Lack Motive

Current economies do not provide adequate incentives for community members to keep them engaged and active.


Friction in Community Management

As communities grow in complexity, diversity in user base require ever more tools and paradigms for interacting with and delighting members.


Difficult Reward Systems

Web2 platforms are making it difficult for creators to grow and build their audiences and monetize their content. In Web2 creators and users are a product.

The emergence of the new model

Huddln solves the content curation, discovery, and tragedy of the commons problem, a unique approach to enabling “interact to earn” business models across web3. Creators can use the Huddln app’s native NFT/token minting capabilities to produce and directly sell unique copies of their content.


Huddln supports community growth and members by creating a multi-tiered reward system. This system aims to accomplish two action items; incentivize members to be active contributors, and drive high-quality content creation.


Social Economics

Huddln is a unified solution, the platform removes the friction that comes with community management. The app has multifunctional features where creators can form their own communities and converse with them directly.


Creator is the platform

Our platform empowers and uplifts the creator. Participants can turn their social content into NFTs with a seamless user experience. The user can buy, sell and receive tips on the platform.

Our Mission is to Empower Creators

The Huddln DAO will allow for decentralized incorporation of adjacent protocols into the overall ecosystem through user votes- we’re already working with a dozen partners. This composability then feeds through to users, who can vote on new features and protocols to be included in the platform.


Upcoming Features

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