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Serving the creator economy - empowering protocol teams.


The Current Problem

Too many protocol teams are developing competing end-points.

With every new Web3 protocol sprouting up, another user-end platform is being developed as well.
Typically their protocols are“on-chain” and absolutely need a UX/UI to reach their target market. So each social token, NFT-minting, content-gating protocol develops its own “content platform”.
These protocols are not actual competitors in any sense, however, because they are developing their own platforms, they have now created competition for user attention. What once was a very stackable industry of protocols has fallen down the rabbit hole of Web2 product practices.

Our Vision

A decentralized creator economy - empowering creators, communities, and members.

The ideal future is a decentralized one. We envision the Huddln platform becoming an open platform built and owned by its audience. This means protocols, builders, creators, and artists can participate in all decision-making. The metaverse won’t be built in the traditional sense or by a single company. The future of the Huddln DAO is a platform for the creator economy, built by composable communities to benefit everyone.

Our Mission

Serve the creator economy - be the most valuable place for protocols, creators, and artists

The mission of the Huddln DAO is to serve the creator economy by coordinating efforts between creators and protocol teams. There is a market full of Web3 protocols built to empower creators but do not have a direct platform to reach them. This organization provides opportunities for protocols to coordinate not only with their users but with other stackable protocol teams.

The Insight

Users are part of the tech stack.

Users are just as powerful as the platforms they use, and because user identity, content, and history now travel with users instead of belonging to gated monolithic entities, we have essentially dissolved the binds Web2 users are accustomed to. Users can coordinate, build communities, and take their identity and content with them to whichever platform they see fit. 
Users are the new base layer every new Web3 tech startup is chasing. Building platform after platform to try and capture the market isn’t the correct approach. This pursuit is fundamentally flawed at its core, user retention isn’t a zero-sum game however, most protocols treat their pipeline like so.

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