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Level up your community
with a custom
Reward System

Now you can track, reward, and develop around real-time, on-chain data.

120k+ Transactions

5k+ Total Users

300K+ XP earned


XP Dashboard

xp dashboard image


Coordinate and cohere use cases.
Custom X-to-earn layers.
Minimal development resources.

Loyalty, Reward, referral, repuation
Loyalty & Reputation

Promote loyalty among your fanbase or users by showing time spent and quality contributions matter. Maintaining a reputation strengthens community ties.

Reward & Referral

As a creator you may be minting on many different chains and platforms. It can be very difficult to systematically reward your top collectors and curators.


Rest API Integration

XP integration couldn't be easier. We've created a REST API to easily communicate with XP instances via fetch calls. 

No need to worry about gas either. Our API will put the call on chain for you.

On-Chain Gating

Wallet scores are easily available from other contracts' logic.


Create gated features only available to wallets meeting specific criteria and now you have exclusive on-chain rewards.


Customizable Primitive

Create domain-specific (including Discord) scoring systems for your community, platform, or smart contracts.


At its core, XP is a score mapping system and a true primitive that is highly available & easily incorporated into any project.